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Updated Spring 2021

Head west out our front door and you’ll find one of our favourite path systems in Calgary – The Bow River Pathway. A popular spot for hiking, biking, or just taking a stroll, the Bow River Pathway offers great views of Downtown Calgary and (depending on how much time you have) take you through two of the islands in the middle of the Bow River.

How do I get there?

Head out our front door and walk west on 4th Ave – when you hit Eau Claire park you can either head over the Louise Bridge or walk through Eau Claire park towards Prince’s Island Park.

We like the Prince’s Island Park route as it takes you past one of our favourite stops along the river, the Peace Bridge. Once you pass the Peace Bridge (without crossing it) – you’ll see another pedestrian bridge that will take you over to Prince’s Island Park. Once you’re there, you can stick to the path that takes you around the outside of the island, or go through the middle for some great people-watching.
There are 3 pedestrian bridges that will get you off the island and back on to the Bow River Pathway – just follow that west until you’re back on 4th Ave, and you’re back at The Westley!

Looking for a longer route? Check out the full loop here.



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