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Updated Spring 2021

Looking to get around Calgary like a local? Calgary Transit is a great, cost-effective way to explore the city in and out of downtown – here’s what you need to know about navigating the system!

  1. Two Types of Transit
    There are two types of transit in Calgary: Busses, and the C-Train (kind of like an above-ground subway). Depending on where you want to go in town, you might need to take both! But don’t worry, you won’t have to pay each time you hop on – a fare is good for 90 minutes, more than enough time for you to get to your destination! Make sure you grab a transfer from the bus driver if you’re going from bus to train. The closest C-Train stations to us are the 7th Street SW Station (if you’re heading west) or the 8th Street SW Station (if you’re heading east). Our closest bus stop is just a block away going west on 4th Ave.
  2. Two Types of Passes
    How much do you think you’re going to be riding Calgary Transit? You’ve got a couple of different options to pay for fares. A 90-minute fare is $3.50 – all C-Train stations have terminals where you can buy tickets with cash, credit, or debit, but buses are cash-only. You can also buy fares on Calgary Transit’s My Fare app – then just show your phone when you hop on the bus! If you’re taking transit for more than three 90-minute periods in a day, it makes sense to pick up a day pass for $11. There are monthly passes available as well if you’re going to be in town for a while.
  3. The Free Fare Zone
    You’ll be starting out downtown of course, but keep in mind that all the C-Train stops along 9th Avenue are in the “Free Fare Zone” – So if you’re staying downtown and just heading out to do some shopping in the CORE or heading to the Telus Convention Centre for a conference, you can hop the train and not worry about paying a fare.
  4. Worried About Getting Lost?
    There’s an app for that! Calgary Transit’s app (different from the My Fare app) will show you which C-Train line to take, which bus to take, and when the next bus/train is arriving. Type in where you want to go and the app will give you route options based on when you’re planning to head out.
  5. Manners Matter
    This one is common sense, but – be nice! Don’t blast your music for everyone to hear, put your bag on the floor instead of the seat next to you, and wait for people to get off the bus or train before you try to get on.

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