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Updated Summer 2021

Your dog puts a lot of time and effort into their typical workday. Sleeping on the couch, playing in the park, and giving you those irresistible puppy-dog eyes can take a lot out of a pooch. With all that hard work, doesn’t your best friend deserve some downtime at the end of a hard day as much as you do?

Luckily, Calgary’s downtown and inner core is packed with dog-friendly patios where you and Fido can unwind. 

Fonda Fora

If you haven’t visited us yet, you’re in for a treat. Our eclectic and modern décor gives off boutique vibes, and the attached Fonda Fora restaurant flexes its culinary muscle with some south-of-the-border flair. You and your fur-baby can relax on Fonda Fora’s large patio and enjoy a margarita, or two, and some fine Mexican cuisine. 

Vin Room – Mission

If fine wine is more your speed, the Vin Room Mission always has a wide selection of interesting pours to explore. Dogs are not just welcomed on the street-side patio, but encouraged. Dog-friendly amenities, like clean-up stations, water bowls, and dog beds ensure everyone feels like they belong. The best part? Vin Room serves up complimentary three-course treat boxes so you and your best friend can enjoy an elegant evening out together.

Una Pizza + Wine – 17th Avenue

When Una Pizza + Wine on Seventeenth Avenue says it’s a neighbourhood restaurant, they mean it. Dogs are decidedly part of our neighbourhood fabric, and they are always welcome on Una’s vibrant and casual street-side patio.

One Night Stan’s

Staying out late is fun, but not always for your pet who is stuck home waiting for their evening walk. Why not bring the party, and your pup, to One Night Stan’s instead? Sit back and relax on Stan’s outdoor patio with good drink, comfort food, and your furry friend, knowing the night doesn’t have to end anytime soon.

Native Tongues

What goes great with tacos? If you answered, “tequila”, you’re not wrong, but we think something that stands on four legs gives wet kisses is even better. Native Tongues’ outdoor patio serves up some of Calgary’s meanest tacos for serious connoisseurs. It’s also the perfect atmosphere to kick back with your dog. So, bring them along and order another round of carnitas and cervezas. You’re going to be here a while.

Whatever food and drink you are craving, it’s nice to know that your very best friend never has to be left behind. There are so many pet-friendly patios in Calgary that the biggest challenge will be in choosing where to visit next with your pup in tow.

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